Dancing with the Universe - dance theatre production
April 9 to 18 2020 at the Betty Oliphant Theatre, 404 Jarvis Street Toronto.


Dancing with the Universe, premiering April 9 to 18, 2020 at the Betty Oliphant Theatre in Toronto, is a dance theatre production adaption of Vivian Chong's one-woman show The Sunglasses Monologue. The production is co-directed by Vivian Chong and choreographer Kathleen Rea with dramaturge by Tristan Whiston. It tells Vivian's life story and is performed by Vivian Chong alongside an ensemble cast of six dancers and cellist Cheryl Ockrant. The show features Vivian’s drawings, her original songs and collaborative compositions with Cheryl Ockrant and is a true human story of vulnerability and strength. The April 12 3:00 pm Matinée performance of "Dancing with the Universe" will be followed by the book launch of Vivian Chong's graphic memoir "Dancing After TEN"

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