The Contact Dance International Film Festival 2019
celebrates films featuring momentum-based dance created by some of the top creators and dancers in the field of Contact Dance Improvisation. It provides a unique opportunity for both film and dance lovers to experience the joy, chaos and intimacy of human connection through physical movement. The Festival runs every two years on the odd years and is presenting its fourth season June 28 to July 1, 2019.

Exciting line-up of teachers
Alejandro Barboza (Costa Rica)
Ariane Bernier (Quebec)
Guru Suraj (India)
Marisa Cecchetti (Italy)
Tiina Jääskö (Finland) and Guy Leon (Barcelona)
Blas Payri (Spain)
Shay urlcih and Jenna Roy (Toronto)
Kathlee Rea and Leslie Heydon (Toronto)
Kim Simons and Olivia Proudfoot (Toronto)